January 8, 2016

"I came to wreck everything and ruin your life. God sent Me."

Established in 2005, SpicyPimps Radio is where Bembe Segue plays chess
with Madlib on the other side of the room from where Thom Yorke and
Chaka Khan discuss mysticism, while Bowie pours pinot noir in
Terry Callier's glass and Gino Vannelli stares at the sunset.
Listen without prejudice...

Established in 2005 by Stacey Collins 

SpicyPimps accepts accepts monetary and in-kind donations.
SpicyPimps is dedicated to my music mentors, Kenneth Blewett and Ron Hardy.


"best on line music selections, HANDS DOWN!! MUCHO AMOR... xo."
- F.M.  (Chicago, IL)

"its the best of all that i need musically"
- S.C. (Northern Ireland)

"eclectic, intellectual and very very progressive" 
- J.W. (Mount Vernon, NY)

"...an eclectic musiquarium full of engaging artists and healthy music."
- K.A. (Chicago, IL)

"wall-to-wall euphonious soul neo-fusion" 
- K.T. (Berkeley Heights, NJ)

"An absolutely AWESOME source to hear the best funky grooves ... I tell my musician friends they MUST check it out, and that I've had my musical horizons expanded"
- B.M. (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Everything I love to hear in music... The best on-line radio station for REAL music" 
- K.S. (Columbia, SC)

- J.J. (Miami, FL)

"the best station ever!!! in other words me. i would do the same thing if i was them" 
- D.B. (Miami, FL)

"Upbeat, jazzy, very nice :)" 
- M. (Orlando, FL)

"best word is eclectic"
- A.C. (Brooklyn, NY)

"A great blend for everyone who misses the real stuff.
The way a radio station used to sound before corporate America got to it."
- B. J. (Los Angeles, CA)

"ish that is not on the radio and should be"
- M.B. (Philadelphia, PA)

"Thank God - music"
- B.W. (Akron, OH)

"A great indie station"
- W.M. (Douglasville, GA)

"COOOOOOL  uber cool..."
- S.M. (Johannesburg, South Africa)

"very different and so unique and the artists and the music is awesome !!!! : )"
- L.W. (Bellwood, IL)

"Authentic, decent station. I love it."
- T. (Tokyo, Japan)

"with SpicyPimps I can increase my CD collection"
- C. (France)

"a perfect balance of all the tendencies I love in music"
- L.G. (Lima, Peru)

"Amazing music variety."
- B.B. (Pittsburg, PA)

"A very nice change of pace"
- anonymous (Washington, DC)

"Awesome station, with a lot of taste."
- Nick (Newmarket, UK)

"Off the musical beaten path."
- anonymous (Atlanta, GA)

"eclectic, relaxing"
- K. (TN)

- M.K. (Netherlands)

"A hot delectable groove that allows you to simply not give a damn...."
- Sharon (Dania Beach, FL)

"Beautiful music for your ears!"
- T (Chicago, IL)

- C.A. (Chicago, IL)

"Funky, Jazzy, Spicy, & always on point!"
- K (Richmond, VA)

"Hot, Hot, Hot"
- T.B. (UK)

"Nice Vibe. Chill out with your Lady with some Pinot Noir Wine,
Drunken Goat Cheese and Ritz Crackers .. Music."
- A.P. (Roswell, GA)